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Mileage Reimbursement For Medical Treatment

Injured workers in Florida who receive authorized medical services through their workers’ compensation carrier are entitled to be compensated for mileage incurred going to and from the hospital, the therapy center, authorized medical appointments and pharmacies. Alternatively, if you lack transportation you can request transportation services to be provided through your workers’ compensation carrier.

Are Prescription Expenses Covered In Workers’ Comp?

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Act gives an injured worker complete authority to select the medication delivery options of his choice. Specifically, you are permitted to either select a pharmacy convenient to your residence or can opt to receive your prescription medications through the mail. Our office recommends that our clients receive their prescriptions through Injured Workers Pharmacy, a pharmaceutical company that specializes in providing prescriptions to injured workers through overnight mail. We recommend this service because it is the most convenient option for our clients, and because there are never any delays associated with receiving prescriptions from an authorized provider.

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